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Josh Pick
Founder & CHief Investment Advisor

Josh Pick founded the Aptus group of companies in 2003; now consisting of an entity consulting to financial planners and one that focuses specifically individual wealth management. He has spent nearly two decades in the financial services profession helping individuals and couples in or nearing retirement better understand and prepare for the challenges associated with the ever-changing financial landscape. He has a proven track record of helping clients successfully align assets with objectives to leverage and manage investment portfolios that will weather market fluctuations. A well-known speaker and an member of the Millon Dollar Round Table's highest honor: Top of the Table, He frequently hosts public educational workshops in the community on a variety of financial and retirement topics. Josh is also frequently requested to speak nationally to groups of financial professionals and various universities in the areas of retirement planning, social security, and tax efficient income distribution. He is a supporter of the Travis Mills Foundation to aid recalibrated veterans and their families, and when not running his companies, he enjoys working out, jiujitsu and the outdoors. He is a proud graduate of the Ohio University. Josh lives in Delaware, Ohio with his wife Kylene and three sons.